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We do amazing catering !

As a full service caterer, we specialize in bringing our freshly prepared food and in-house experience directly to you. A great new taste for your office events, business luncheons, holiday celebrations or gatherings of any kind – no matter how large or small your group, we will customize our menu to meet your needs.

Please feel free to call (916) 386-8955 or email  for more details.


A. Potstickers (50 pcs.) $29.90

B. Tempura Platter (15 pcs. Shrimp,30 pcs. Carrot, Broccoli, Zucchini) $29.90

C. Teriyaki Platter (Beef, Chicken, or Sesame Chicken) $29.90

D. Chicken Wings (30 pcs.) $29.90

E. Salad Plate $29.90 

* Prices are subject to change at any time by restaurants without notification